Monday, January 16, 2017

Dread & Read Challenge 2017

Are you a list reader? Are there some books on your list that you just can't seem to get around to reading? 

This challenge sweetens the deal for list readers who have books they’d rather not read–but have to finish to accomplish their goal of reading all the books on their list.

You know who you are. And I am one of you.

Face your dread! Name the book(s) you’re going to knock off this year and what kind of treat you’d like when you’re finished. Get reading, then say when you’re done. Not only will we celebrate with you, I’ll send you a surprise.

Kudos and thanks to amira_a for his awesome photo of  "Moses" by Nizzan Joel Avidor, which I've used for this challenge.


You’re determined to read all the books on a list, whether it’s the Pulitzers or the 100 Best Novels–but now that you’ve done your research, you realize you’re going to have to read some books you'd never choose otherwise. Maybe a review turned you off, or you had a bad experience with one of the writer’s other books, or the subject matter is something that repels you. Those book are sinking to the bottom of the list, and you’re dreading them, right?

This challenge encourages you to move past the avoidance by adding a sweetener. Dread steals the joy out of things, doesn’t it? You’ll feel better when you face up to that book you’re not looking forward to. Trust me on this.

Join in by leaving a comment and/or a link to your sign-up post.


1. Join anytime before December 1, 2017. The challenge ends at midnight EST on December 31, 2017.

2. Books MUST come from your TBR pile (otherwise, how would you be dreading them?).

3. Overlaps with other challenges are allowed and encouraged.

4. Change your list at any time.

5. Include in your sign-up comment or post what kind of sweetener you’d like for each book read. What kind of treat would suit you most? Something book-related? Something sugary? Something practical? Or something indulgent? It won't be expensive, but I'll pick something I think you'll like.

6. Limit of 3 sweeteners per person.

7. Reviews and reactions are encouraged, but you don’t need a blog to participate.

8. All genres and formats are eligible. If it’s a book, it counts. But to qualify for a sweetener, it must be 100 pages or more.

9. Progress can be tracked at a “headquarters page” in the sidebar.

10. After you sign up, spread the word! A sign-up post on your own blog would be very nice. Feel free to borrow the button for display on your blog, also.


When you finish that dreaded book, shout your news to the heavens--or at least to the rafters of the Cafe. I'll put your sweetener in the mail promptly, while you're still basking in the glow of success.

What's not to like about that?

Sign up by leaving a message in the comments, with a link or your list, and don't forget to name the kind of reward(s) you're looking forward to.

See, that dread's better already!


  1. Oh this is a wonderful challenge and I'll certainly join. But how long should the list of books be?

    1. Glad you like it and will join in! You can read as many dread books as you want to--or need to! But only 3 sweeteners per person.

  2. I guess this one isn't complicated either. I can certainly name many authors I'm not keen to rejoin and others I've delayed because I'm unsure they'll be gems or duds. Many of those have surprised me, even as recently as this week, by being gems. So they are worth getting through. Suggesting our ideas of treats? My, wouldn't that be great!

    In the absence of an e-mail or comment, I suddenly noticed you got your post going for my ETHEREAL theme! I am trying to comment and give a lavish thank-you and welcome but as only "Blogspot" does, it keeps bringing up a preview screen and not going through. I'll save my text and try again. Needless to say I tease that all three ETHEREAL books so far are colours! Case in point for bringing them those "Gentle Spectrums", where we repeat colours. Hehehe!!!! Carolyn.

    1. Every book (or author) deserves a second chance, and every reader deserves a clear conscience--so it sounds like you're right with me on this!

      As for Gentle Spectrums, I will look at my TBR shelves and see if I have further color books left. It would be fun to read more of them, as long as overlaps with other challenges are allowed? Thanks for the nudge. :-)

  3. This must be the longest entry you have ever seen but: I'm in! I feel rewarded by members who describe why they are enthusiastic about my groups and imagine any hostess is. What's more, for you to offer three prizes, of any size, means that I don't want to take advantage of that without a good, thoughtful effort. Yours, Carolyn.

    1. Welcome, Carolyn, and thanks for your kind words. I'm glad you decided to take on this challenge. You'll have fun, and certainly earn your chosen prizes!


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